Who We Are

More than a brand, more than an attitude!

UPRO is an organization that prides itself on its exponential development and fast career progression policy due to continued services through geographical growth. We enable our people to produce, design and create innovative and indispensable products and services that will be actively sought out by our clients.

Our slogan is all about action and taking life by its horns!

Hurry UP, Stand UP, Grow UP!

  • What we do

    We work within our clients’ framework to provide innovative digital ideas that are effective in searing a mark within the minds of their clients, competition and peers. We take your ideas, strengths and plans and we BRAND them.

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  • What we offer you

    Armed with our research skills and know-how, we equip our clients with the information and insights they need to sustain a valuable advantage over the competition. We understand society at an individual level and as a whole – this is our passion and we are offering you the opportunity to gain some fascinating insights so as to benefit your business model.

  • Why choose us

    We are fresh, enterprising, ambitious and innovative. We are the epitome of the relationship between art and business and because of this, we know how to balance that fine thread between the two to turn it into your company’s competitive edge.  Working together with us will see your business plans take shape and refined all the way to success.

Meet Our Team

  • Sam-in-Team

    Hamid Sam Nouhi

    — CEO & Founder

  • Hamed-in-Team

    Hamed Nabavi

    — Marketing Executive

  • Mohee-in-Team

    Mark Mehzad

    — Chief Developer

  • Ebi-in-Team

    Ebi Saketi

    — Chief Designer

  • Ted-in-Team

    Hania Sadeghi

    — Copywriter

  • Ted-in-Team

    Ted Sam Nouhi

    — Chargehand

Our Awesome Skills

    Java Script
  • Photoshop
    3D Max

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