Every where sun rises, we have a branch!

History-WingAt the beginning

UPRO was first established in March 2010 in Iran’s Kish Island, the pearl of the Persian Gulf, with the strong administrative support of Chairman and President of UPRO.

Dust to planets

UPRO started with a simple seed of an idea – from tenon it has taken flight and it has been a remarkable journey.

It all began when I have asked from myself about my life objectives, I have implored myself “Who are you? What is it that you have? And last but not least, what is the point of you existence?”

I think that people just have this core desire to express who they are. And I think that’s always existed.

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I started to reflect upon my questions and within two days I had sketched and written notes relative to all the answers I could muster. Branding is in my blood, I am an artist and I am a businessman thus I utilized my questions to create a unique brand identity for myself.

Further, I spoke with president– we discussed my experiences in design, branding and corporate client management. Subsequent to our illuminating discussion, president and chairman sponsored my ideas, their support has been invaluable to the growth and nourishment of UPRO.

Hitherto, the events that had unfolded combined with my introspection had beared fruit and now became the basis of my brand’s vision, mission and identity.

Who are you?

Hurry UP! I am always on the move, I swiftly reflected upon her questions and began penning everything down.

What is that you have?

Stand UP! It was as if I had awoken from a deep slumber within my soul and reacted immediately.

What is the point of your existence?

Grow UP! I started to nurture seeing and doings differently. Creative differently.


The cultivation of a brand for my ideas and myself has led me to foster a holistic philosophy, one that has bettered my work ethics, sharpened my strategic problem solving and creativity skills as well as heightened my sense of professional discipline.

Below, I will highlight the symbolism encrypted within the UPRO logo, this will afford you a clearer picture of the philosophy I adhere to:

The UPRO logo holds symbolism on 3 different levels, these are;

  1. The horizontal ‘S’ of the UPRO logo represents the synergy between my middle name being “Hamid Sam Nouhi”.
  2. The Logo resembles the word UP – this can be seen from the slanting of the alphabet.
  3. The logo has also been fashioned to be reminiscent of the infinity symbol (∞). The infinity symbol is one to be respected and admired as it nourishes the power of ideas and the law of attraction making the impossible an attainable feat.

History-UPROBO-HeadThe birth of UPRO was finally complete, what I now needed was an ambassador – one that represented UPRO on all levels; this was when the concept of UPROBO was born. UPROBO transforms from my all-time favourite car into his robot form, a car that demonstrates precision planning with dangerous speeds  – the BMW Z4. The symbolism of UPROBO is in his transformation, it represents the different steps I have taken to hone my mental and physical self with an even brighter focus on the transformation of my ideas into a self-reliant brand.

The forces behind UPRO’s Vision

All organizations need divisions to ensure the continued progress of their establishment, ie: Administration, Operations, Legal and Human Resources so as to stay two steps ahead of your competition and attack the competitive market with the aim of acquiring higher investment returns. In UPRO we call these divisions the UPRO Army. The UPRO Army is the backbone of our philosophy, our approach and our courage to explore the unknown.

On the yellow brick road

Up until this day, UPRO’s history is the evolution of Hamid Sam Nouhi’s philosophy and work ethic translated into a company culture that resonated in Iran over a year ago. Everything that UPRO stands for has been consolidated here in Malaysia under the name of UPRO Design & Trading Sdn Bhd.

UPRO is registered in UK, Australia and Canada.

Every where sun rises, we have a branch!

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